Dental Staff ~

Sue Baxter-Parsons, Hygienist 

Sue has been working with Dr. Marley for over a decade. She graduated at the Lane Community College in 1995. She is extremely committed to her patients and shows great concern for their individual needs. Sue loves her career choice, and it shows. She has been immensely impressed with Dr. Marley's skill level and has enjoyed watching as he has advanced so successfully into the surgical field of dentistry. Sue moved to Alaska in 2001. She has a son who is a world champion Jiu Jitsu wrestler. She enjoys fishing trips and traveling with her adoring husband, Charlie. Her other interests are hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, and playing with her 3 dogs.

Elizabeth Roedl, Hygienist 

Elizabeth Roedl joined our office as a dental assistant in 2007, and after earning her degree in dental hygiene she rejoined in the summer of 2016 as a dental hygienist. She is back and better than ever, bringing her new skill set and positive attitude. When Elizabeth is not working, she is spending time with her three adorable children and husband. Elizabeth is also a fitness fanatic. She is passionate about running but also loves biking, skiing and strength training.





Benay Egan, Dental Assistant 

Benay joined the practice in 2008 and after taking some time to have a baby and spend some quality time with him she has returned to work as a dental assistant towards the end of 2017. Benay has many years of experience in the Dental world. She has a degree in dentistry and brings so much joy to everyone who knows her.




Linda Murphy , Business Assistant 

Linda has brought a whole new language to our office...spanish! She is half mexican and fluent in spanish. Her amiable personality and proffessional attitude have brought some needed sunshine to our office. She has a degree in Business Administration. Linda loves to travel and making new friends. 








Maya Rourke, Business Assistant

Maya studied at the Western Oregon University and received a Bachelor of Science in dance with an entrepreneurship minor. She is very capable of handling all of your inusrance and billing related questions. She has added a great structure to the back bone of our company, we would be lost without her!!