IV & Oral Sedation

Our experienced dental team works hard to make your visit comfortable and pleasant. Even so, we recognize that some patients are anxious about coming to the dentist. Dr. Marley and Dr. Anderson are trained and licensed to provide IV Sedation.

IV sedation is a thorough and effective way to provide excellent and predictable results. The medicines work very fast and can be titrated (adjusted) to each patient's individual sedation needs. When a patient undergoes IV sedation they will feel drowsy and likely remember very little, if anything, about their dental procedure. You will have the best dental experience of your life.

Patient Instructions

Patients undergoing IV sedation will need to avoid eating anything for 6 hours before their appointment. However, you can ingest small amounts of clear liquid until 2 hours before your appointment. Take any prescribed medications as you normally would with a minimal amount of water. Within two hours of your appointment nothing should go in your mouth.

Driver Required:You will need a responsible adult (age 18 or older) to bring you to your appointment, drive you home and stay with you for 4 hours.

Oral Sedation

Dr. Marley or Dr. Anderson may also prescribe medication that can be taken by mouth to help you relax. Oral sedation can help reduce the anxiety with a dental appointment.

Patient Instructions

After you have taken any sedation medication (either IV or orally) you should not drive, operate machinery or make any big decisions for the rest of the day. Although sedation is very safe and usually wears off shortly after your procedure it can affect your ability to perform complex tasks for up to 12 hours. (Women) should not have either form of sedation if pregnant.